What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

"In Arizona, if someone dies without a will, the laws of intestacy control. The laws of intestacy are simply what Arizona has stated as this is who is going to receive your assets because you didn’t put it down on paper. However, what people don’t think about is this scenario. Husband and wife have been married a really long time. Let’s just say the husband has a child from a previous marriage. Then he passes away, and the house that he and his wife lived in is in his name alone.

Because he doesn’t have a will that says she receives everything, his child from this previous marriage has a 50% interest in this home now with his surviving spouse. She now owns this home with her stepson or stepdaughter that her husband hadn’t talked to in years. It’s only because most spouses assume that everything will just go to the other and they don’t have to put that down in a will. That’s an example of how things can turn out differently than what people expect if you rely on the laws of Arizona."

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