Do I Have To Be Wealthy To Need An Estate Plan?

" What people misunderstand about creating an estate plan is that they think they have to have a lot of money, or it is only for the wealthy to have a will or especially a trust prepared. It’s really not. It’s really a matter of taking those series of documents and customizing them to the particular client depending on if they’re an individual, or they’re a couple, or they have children, minor children, adult children, or grandchildren. Taking their particular situation and customizing the documents to them.

It’s not even necessary that they have to be older to think about an estate plan because I have plenty of clients who are younger and they have minor children. They’re thinking about if something does happen, they want to make sure that they have documents in place that say who is going to be the guardian of their children and that it is not decided by a judge who doesn’t know their family and their situation. It is a matter of getting over the fact that it doesn’t have anything to do with money or age. It’s just customizing the estate plan to everybody’s particular situation."

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