You may want an attorney's help with your business if:

  • You are acquiring office space and are not sure what should or shouldn’t be included in the lease.
  • You are starting a business and are not sure if an LLC is the best option.
  • Your business is already up and running but you don’t have a contract for your clients to sign (or you do, but it’s a template you found online).
  • You are buying a business and the contract prepared by the seller is too informal.

Your business is your livelihood. It’s your baby. It’s what brings you passion and joy, but it’s also what brings you your income.

Sure, it’s easy to start a business without an attorney. Put together a website, get some emails out there and start recruiting customers. But what if a business relationship goes sour? How do you handle hiring employees or contractors? How do you protect the assets in your business?

Any time you start a new venture, but especially when your business is growing, it’s important to have all the legal pieces in place. You need to know that you are protected and that contracts and agreements are in place—before something goes wrong.

In addition to establishing start-up, ground-zero business documents, I can ensure a joint venture or partnership gets started on the right foot by establishing partner agreements. If you’re starting a business with a friend or family member, things might look rosy today but the last thing you want is to strain your personal relationship because you didn’t communicate fully at the beginning of your business relationship.

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Contract Preparation

Contract Review


LLC Set-Up

Sorry, but Nicole Pavlik Law Firm will not be setting up LLCs starting January 1, 2024, when the Corporate Transparency Act goes into effect.   Please visit the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) website to learn more about this.  Here is some general information Corporate Transparency Act Info

Operating Agreement

$1500 (includes Buy/Sell provisions)

A business contract that describes the operations of an LLC setting forth the agreements between the members of the LLC (the owners).  Many refer to this as a partnership agreement.

Nicole Pavlik Law Firm will not prepare operating agreements for LLCs with more than two owners.

Contract Review

Typically $525-$750, but the length/complexity of the contract will determine the fee

Lease Review

Typically $875-$2000, but the length/complexity of the lease will determine the fee

Contract Preparation

$700-$1500, but the length/complexity of the lease will determine the fee

  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Service Agreement (agreement you would have your clients sign)
  • Asset Purchase Agreement

Promissory Notes 

  •      Promissory note (unsecured)     $525
  •      Promissory note and Deed of Trust (doesn’t include recording)     $875


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