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Welcome to Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, I'm Nicole.

I had always wanted to be an attorney, but it wasn’t until I worked as a paralegal while in law school that I found my niche. I knew I didn’t like the adversarial side of law. I wanted to help people, so in 2013, I started the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm.

I’ve seen what happens to families when their loved ones haven’t planned their estates properly: anger, distrust, and hurt feelings among those left behind. My goal is to help you prepare the legal documents you need to plan for your family’s future after you’re no longer around to care for them.

As a small business owner, I also understand how much jargon and paperwork are involved in running a successful business. I help business owners set up a solid legal foundation so they can focus on running their business instead of wasting their valuable time dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

My success as an attorney stems from my focus on client relations and problem-solving. I meet with each client personally and communicate with them directly, and I don’t nickel-and-dime them with phone calls and emails.

I look forward to becoming your trusted advisor and helping you with all your legal affairs!


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Adding a Trust to Your Estate Plan

Trusts are valuable estate planning tools that many people should consider adding to their Phoenix estate plans. There are many different types of trusts that may offer unique benefits to you and your family. In the Phoenix area, if you are interested in adding a trust to your estate plan, contact Nicole Pavlik, an experienced…

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Should I Provide For My Stepchildren As Well As My Biological Children?

Whether or not to include stepchildren in your Phoenix estate plan is a very personal decision. There is no legal obligation to include stepchildren in Arizona, so the choice is entirely your own and should be given a thoughtful consideration. Sometimes couples in second marriages agree that each parent should leave an inheritance to their…

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Charitable Giving in My Estate Plan

For many individuals, charitable giving is a large part of their lives. Continuing this tradition after your death by including charitable giving in your estate plan is a wonderful way to help cherished organizations. Done properly, charitable giving can also result in substantial tax benefits. There are many different ways that you can include charitable…

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Planning for Incapacity is Part of Estate Planning

Many people do not realize that estate planning includes more than planning for the distribution of your property after your death. A significant part of estate planning deals with planning for incapacity. This means planning for your healthcare as well as financial decisions if you become incapacitated. An individual is considered incapacitated when they cannot…

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Second Marriages and Estate Planning

It is critical to update your estate plan every time you experience a significant life event, such as getting married. Individuals getting remarried face unique estate planning challenges. If you do not plan carefully, you could neglect certain family members or cause family discord. An experienced Phoenix estate planning attorney can ensure that you have…

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How Do I Select a Beneficiary?

Selecting your beneficiaries is one of the biggest decisions you make when creating an estate plan. Below is some information that will help you decide who to pick as your beneficiaries in Phoenix, Arizona. What is a Beneficiary? A beneficiary is a person or entity you legally designate to inherit assets from you. Beneficiaries are…

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What If I Die Without a Will?

What is Intestate Succession? When a person dies without a will in Arizona, it is called dying intestate. Arizona has intestate succession laws that dictate who administers your estate and how it is distributed if you die without a will. Because you did not create a will, the state decides how the property is distributed.…

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Who Should I Choose for Power of Attorney? 

A power of attorney is an important tool to include in every Phoenix estate plan. It is a document where you appoint someone to act on your behalf regarding legal, financial, or medical matters. There are two main types of powers of attorney that you should include in your Phoenix estate plan: a health care…

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Do I Have to Be Wealthy to Have an Estate Plan?

It is a common misconception that estate plans are only for the wealthy. No matter what your net worth is, you should have an estate plan. What is an Estate Plan? An estate plan is a series of documents that allow you to leave important instructions about what should happen to your property, children, and…


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Estate Planning for Business Owners: Protecting Your Legacy

Owning a business is a rewarding endeavor. The countless hours you’ve poured into building your company represent more than just money; it embodies your passion, dedication, and dreams. As a business owner, it is crucial to ensure that your business and personal assets are protected, not only in your lifetime but also when you’re gone.…

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Arizona Advance Directives – What Should I Have?

Navigating the intricate landscape of estate planning can be daunting, especially when it comes to planning for unexpected medical decisions. In Arizona, Advance Directives are a crucial part of this process, ensuring that your wishes are respected during critical moments when you might not be able to communicate them yourself. Let’s delve into the essential…

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Protecting Inheritance From Taxes

One of the goals when you create an estate plan at Nicole Pavlik Law Firm is protecting your inheritance from taxes. In general, you should be aware of four types of taxes when creating your Phoenix estate plan: 1) estate tax, 2) inheritance tax, 3) gift tax, and 4) income tax. Do You Have to…

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Arizona Estate Planners Use Electronic Wills

In 2018, Arizona became one of the first states to allow for the creation of electronic wills. To learn more about electronic wills, contact estate planning attorney Nicole Pavlik. What is an Electronic Will? An electronic will (e-will) is a will that is created and maintained in an electronic record. Instead of printing and executing…

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Easy Estate Planning in 5 Steps

Most people understand that they need to make an estate plan, but they put it off because it seems complicated and time-consuming. Easy estate planning would be a welcome opportunity for so many. Well if this sounds like you, you should call Phoenix’s leading estate planning attorney Nicole Pavlik. Attorney Pavlik has taken estate planning…

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Updating Your Estate Plan Upon Retirement

Phoenix is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the United States. Part of your retirement plan should include updating your estate plan upon retirement. It is always a good idea to review your estate plan whenever a major event occurs such as marriage, a new child or grandchild, or a milestone like retirement.…

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What is the Definition of a Trust Fund?

You may have heard of a trust fund. Knowing the definition of a trust fund may not be part of your vocabulary though. A trust fund is the legal entity that assets are transferred into when a trust a created. The trustee controls the trust funds on behalf of the beneficiaries. That is a lot…

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Estate Planning After Divorce

Rebuilding your life after a divorce is an important process. One task that is critical not to overlook is updating your estate plan. As an estate planning lawyer, Nicole Pavlik has helped many new divorced men and women properly update or create estate plans that reflect their new status. Below is a list of six…

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How To Plan For a Second Family

Planning for a second family may be an important part of your life. Having a child is a joyous time, especially if you are welcoming a child with your second marriage. Like every significant life change, having a baby should prompt you to review and update your estate plan. If you are starting a second…


What is an Operating Agreement?

What is an Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement refers to a legal document outlining the rules and structural makeup of a limited liability company, or an LLC. The operating agreement recognizes the members of the LLC and lists how any business regarding the LLC will be conducted, such as voting procedures, how the funds will be allocated, and disciplinary mechanisms.…

Benefits of a Partnership Agreement

Benefits of a Partnership Agreement

Although a written partnership agreement is not required under Arizona law, it is critical to the success of your business, even if you are starting your partnership with someone you know and trust, like a family member or close friend. A partnership agreement is a legal document that dictates how the business is run and…

Benefits of a Small Business Buy-Sell Agreement

Benefits of a Small Business Buy-Sell Agreement

Benefits of a Small Business Buy-Sell Agreement A buy-sell agreement, also known as a buyout agreement, is a legal contract between business owners that governs what happens if a partner dies, retires, or otherwise leaves the business. A buy-sell agreement benefits the business owners, their families, and the business itself. It is one of the…

Top Reasons for Succession Planning for Your Business

Top Reasons for Succession Planning for Your Business

Succession planning is an often-overlooked part of running a small business in Phoenix. Business owners are usually heavily focused on the day-to-day operations of their company and put off planning for a future where they will no longer be in charge. However, there are numerous benefits of having an effective succession plan in place. Below…

Arizona PPP Loan Forgiveness Details You Should Know About

Arizona PPP Loan Forgiveness Details For Phoenix

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was lifesaving for many Arizona businesses struggling to survive the COVID pandemic. Although called a loan, if recipients follow the correct requirements, one hundred percent of the PPP funds can be forgiven, essentially turning the loan into a business grant. The government does not automatically forgive PPP loans in Arizona.…

Why Do You Need a Business Attorney in Phoenix?

Why Do You Need a Business Attorney in Phoenix?

Why Do You Need a Business Attorney in Phoenix? There are a variety of different reasons why you should work with a business attorney. Although it is a cost upfront, hiring a Phoenix business attorney can save your business a lot of money in the long run. Below are six reasons why you should work…

Is Phoenix, Arizona a Good Place to Start a Business?

Is Phoenix, Arizona a Good Place to Start a Business?

Is Phoenix, Arizona a Good Place to Start a Business? Phoenix is one of the best cities in the country to start a business. It was recently ranked as the ninth-best U.S. city to start a business in 2020 by Inc. Magazine. Notable companies located in Phoenix include mattress maker Tuft & Needle and meal…

Estate Planning Challenges for Increased Life Expectancy in Phoenix, Arizona

Estate Planning Challenges for Increased Life Expectancy in Phoenix, Arizona

According to the Journal of the American Medical Academy, Arizona’s life expectancy was 79.3 years in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available. However, life expectancy is only the average number of years a person can expect to live, and many Phoenix residents will live many years past 80. With increasing life…

Key Items to Include In Your Business Planning Toolbox

Key Items to Include In Your Business Planning Toolbox

There are many steps that you must take and documents that you must create when starting a business. Taking the time to prepare your business in the beginning can have huge payoffs later on and help you avoid disasters. Below is a list of general items that you should include in your business planning toolbox.…


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