PHOENIX, AZ – November 5: Nicole Pavlik Law off portrait session. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart)

PHOENIX, AZ – November 5: Nicole Pavlik Law off portrait session. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart)

Nicole Pavlik


I had always wanted to be an attorney, but it wasn’t until I worked as a paralegal while in law school that I found my niche. I knew I didn’t like the adversarial side of law. I wanted to help people, so in 2013, I started the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm.

I’ve seen what happens to families when their loved ones haven’t planned their estates properly: anger, distrust, and hurt feelings among those left behind. My goal is to help you prepare the legal documents you need to plan for your family’s future after you’re no longer around to care for them.

As a small business owner, I also understand how much jargon and paperwork are involved in running a successful business. I help business owners set up a solid legal foundation so they can focus on running their business instead of wasting their valuable time dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

My success as an attorney stems from my focus on client relations and problem-solving. I meet with each client personally and communicate with them directly, and I don’t nickel-and-dime them with phone calls and emails.

I look forward to becoming your trusted advisor and helping you with all your legal affairs!


  • As a solo practitioner, I give each of my clients the highest level of personal attention.
  • I offer flat-fee pricing instead of hourly billing to avoid uncertainty.
  • I know clients don’t want to be left in the dark about the next step or when to expect a follow-up from me, which is why I clarify my process upfront.
  • My goal is to put you at ease and make you comfortable. I explain the legal process and/or documents I prepare in layman’s terms so even non-lawyers can understand.


I hold a bachelor of science in criminal justice from Arizona State University and a Juris doctorate from Arizona Summit Law School.


State Bar of Arizona, Probate & Trust Section Member

PHOENIX, AZ – November 5: Nicole Pavlik Law off portrait session. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart)

Linda Pavlik

Administrative Assistant

Linda is the right-hand woman at the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm. As Administrative Assistant, she is the woman behind the voice on your initial call. As a mom of four, she is uber-organized. And yes, one of her kids is Nicole, which makes her the biggest cheerleader for the business and its clients. You’ll find her in the office Monday through Thursday. She’s on grandma duty on Fridays.

PHOENIX, AZ – November 5: Nicole Pavlik Law off portrait session. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart)

Caitlyn Quamme

Legal Assistant

Caitlyn joined Nicole Pavlik Law Firm in 2018 as a legal assistant. She provides the office with solid and reliable assistance and serves as a listening ear to our clients. Estate Planning, Probate and Business Planning have been Caitlyn’s primary area of focus since entering the legal field in 2016.

While our clients experience open and frequent communication with Attorney Nicole Pavlik, Caitlyn is an additional source of assistance and information between the clients and our firm. Our office looks to her often as a primary contact with our clients. She is also relied upon by Nicole for drafting necessary documents, speaking directly with the clients, scheduling appointments, as well as keeping maintaining client files. 

As a Veteran of the United States Navy, Caitlyn brings an added layer of integrity and commitment to an already well-founded firm; additionally, her knowledge of the Department of Veterans Affairs is a useful resource for our clients. Caitlyn graduated from Arizona State University in 2016 with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a master’s degree from ASU, as she feels it is important to continually increase her knowledge not only in the legal field, but also in other areas that will enhance her ability to serve the public.


Let’s discuss your estate planning, business planning, or probate needs.