Parental Power of Attorney in Phoenix Estate Plans

A Parental Power of Attorney (POA) is key to thorough estate planning, especially in Phoenix, Arizona. Learn about this document’s details and how it fits with Arizona law. Phoenix estate planning attorneys are here to help. This POA is crucial for parents who want to secure their kids’ futures. So, this post looks at the POA’s role in estate planning, Phoenix’s legal aspects, and the support from the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm.

Parental Power of Attorney in Phoenix Estate Plans
Power of attorney POA legal document and pen.

Understanding Parental Power of Attorney

A Parental Power of Attorney lets parents give someone else the power to decide on their child’s care when they’re not there.

This includes choices about:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Well-being

The parental POA’s importance stands out because of the state’s particular laws and rules for these documents.

Arizona Law and Parental POA

Arizona law governs a Parental Power of Attorney under A.R.S. § 14-5104. It lets a parent give someone else their rights to look after their child or their property for up to six months. But, it doesn’t let them agree to the child’s marriage or adoption. Also, this law shows that a Parental POA in Arizona is only temporary. It also stresses why knowing local laws is key to planning your family’s estate well.

The Role of Local Laws

In Phoenix and across Arizona, clear laws exist for making a Parental POA. Key steps include notarization and witnesses. Without a doubt, these rules confirm the document’s legality and effectiveness. A POA protects the child’s interests and the assigned agent’s powers. Moreover, knowing local legal details, like how long a POA lasts and what decisions it can include, is key for good estate planning.

Support from a Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning and Parental POAs can be tough to handle alone. However, a local Phoenix estate planning attorney, such as Nicole Pavlik, can greatly help by:

  • Giving current advice on Arizona’s estate laws.
  • Creating a Parental POA that matches your family’s unique needs.
  • Making sure the POA meets all local legal standards.
  • Helping you choose the right person for power of attorney.
  • Providing help with other estate planning tasks like wills, trusts, and setting up guardianships.

Why Choose Nicole Pavlik Law Firm

At the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, we specialize in estate planning services tailored to the unique landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. Without a doubt, we know local laws well and tailor our help to each client. Hence, this ensures we manage your estate planning and Parental Power of Attorney with great care and skill. Thus, we give parents peace of mind by carefully protecting their children’s future with legal planning.


Adding a Parental Power of Attorney to your estate plan is a smart move for Phoenix, Arizona parents. As a result, it makes sure someone you trust looks after your child when you’re not there. Knowing Arizona’s rules and getting help from a local estate planning expert can greatly help.

At the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, we guide you through each step to protect your family’s future. Need help with estate planning or a Parental Power of Attorney? Call Phoenix estate planning attorney Nicole Pavlik at (602) 635-6176. We’ll help you secure your family’s future confidently.