Phoenix Virtual Estate Planning

Leading estate planning attorney, Nicole Pavlik, has introduced virtual estate planning to her Phoenix practice. Now you can take advantage of top-rated estate planning services without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

What is Virtual Estate Planning?

Virtual estate planning refers to when the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm’s estate planning services are offered virtually via the phone or video through applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Before meetings, it is typical for Nicole Pavlik to email or mail material to her client so everyone is looking at the same document during the discussion. Often, clients can provide information online and the only time they have to come into the Phoenix office is to sign documents.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Estate Planning with Nicole Pavlik?

There are many benefits of virtual estate planning with Nicole Pavlik.

  • It is more efficient. Virtual estate planning is quicker and easier than working with a law firm that offers traditional estate planning services. Scheduling meetings is easier when both parties do not need to be in the same room.
  • You are not required to travel into an office. Virtual estate planning is convenient for anyone living a busy life. It is necessary for individuals with mobility issues or who otherwise cannot get to the office.
  • Virtual estate planning does not mean less communication. Even though you will not meet your lawyer in person, your questions will always be heard and answered. Throughout the estate planning process, you will be kept in the loop and fully informed of your options. Nicole or a member of her staff will promptly return all phone calls and emails. Nicole prides herself on being a lawyer who listens to her client’s goals, needs, and concerns.

How is Phoenix Virtual Estate Planning Different Than DIY Online Wills?

Phoenix virtual estate planning is more than a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) proposition. Online DIY services are typically one-size-fits-all fill-in-the-blank forms. In contrast, Nicole Pavlik knows that every individual, couple, or family situation is unique. She is acting in the full fiduciary and ethical capacity as your lawyer. Your custom-tailored estate plan reflects your objectives and addresses your concerns. Unlike a DIY will, she will draw up all the documents necessary to create a comprehensive estate plan, including powers of attorney, trusts, and documents for incapacity.

Is It Safe to Create an Estate Plan Remotely?

Creating an estate plan remotely is just as safe as coming into a physical office. Nicole Pavlik takes precautions to protect your information. All of your information will be completely secure.

What Technology Do I Need For Phoenix Virtual Estate Planning?

To do virtual estate planning with Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, you do not need any special software. It can be accomplished with your telephone or smartphone, your laptop, computer, or tablet.

Your Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney

In addition to her virtual estate planning services, Nicole Pavlik Law Firm still has a staffed physical office for when clients need to sign physical documents. It is also available for those clients that wish to drop off and pick up physical documents.

Nicole Pavlik is an experienced Phoenix estate planning attorney who can help you create a comprehensive estate plan. she is a trusted advisor for Arizona individuals, couples, families, the LGBTQ+ community and small business owners. If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of virtual estate planning, call Nicole Pavlik Law Firm today at (602) 635-6176 for a free consultation.

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