What Does an Estate Plan Cost?

The price of creating an estate plan in Phoenix varies dramatically depending on the attorney that you use. For instance, the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm provides top-rated services at fair, upfront pricing, so planning for your future can be affordable. Typically, her services are handled on a flat fee basis. Below is an outline of some of the services and packages offered.

estate planning lawyer explaining cost of estate planning

Package Pricing

A comprehensive estate plan is composed of multiple estate planning tools. Nicole Pavlik offers package pricing for those individuals starting from zero and looking to create an entire estate plan.

Wills Package – $1,100 Single and $1375 Couple

The Wills Package includes a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, HIPAA Waiver, and Beneficiary Deed.

• Trust Package – $2,200 Single and $2,750 Couple

The Trust Package includes everything in the Wills Packages (minus the Beneficiary Deed) plus a Revocable Living Trust, Certification of Trust, and Warranty Deeds to transfer your residence and one additional Arizona property to the Trust. Deeds for any additional Arizona properties are $200 each.

A La Carte Pricing

Nicole Pavlik Law Firm offers a la carte pricing for individuals looking to pick and choose which documents to add to their estate plan. The starting fees for some of these documents are listed below.

Financial Power of Attorney – $300 Single and $350 Couples

Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, and HIPAA – $350 Single and $450 Couples

Trust – $1375 Single and $1650 for Couples

o This pricing does not include powers of attorney

Amendment to an Existing Trust – $500 Single and $600 Couples

o Fees for an amendment can vary and depend on the extent of the amendment. If the document is more than ten years old or from out of state, the feeds from the above Trust Package will apply. Pricing does not include any amendments to power of attorney.

Deeds – $300

There may be discounts available if you want multiple documents prepared. The prices do not include additional filing or recording costs and expenses.

What is My Hourly Rate?

Although most estate planning services at Nicole Pavlik Law Firm are charged on a flat fee basis, there are situations where you may have to pay an hourly rate. The hourly rate is $300.

When are Payments Due at Nicole Pavlik Law Firm?

The fees listed above are due at your initial estate planning session.

Discount For Educators

Nicole Pavlik Law Firm offers a 15% discount on her services for educators.

Get a Free Consultation

Nicole Pavlik offers free 15-minute consultations. During the consultation, you can discuss your estate planning needs and gain an understanding of how much creating your estate plan will cost.

Your Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney

Nicole Pavlik is an experienced Phoenix estate planning attorney who can help you create a comprehensive estate plan at an affordable price. If you have questions about how much an estate plan will cost, call Nicole Pavlik Law Firm today at (602) 635-6176 for a free consultation.