Nicole Pavlik Law Firm Benefiting From the Digital World

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I, like many others, relied on the use of virtual technology to continue serving clients from my law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. When restrictions began to ease and more people ventured out, I realized the value in continuing to use the technology.

It’s actually helped many clients. Maybe they have a mobility issue or maybe they couldn’t get to the office for some reason. We can hold that meeting over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or over the phone. It’s really helped those clients who don’t want to drive or have other challenges getting to the office.

The pandemic also helped me prioritize my personal life. It had been a hope for me to move to Tennessee someday, perhaps after I retired. But that would be years from now

Over the last two years, I realized how well my clients adapted to the need for virtual meetings and the use of other technology to complete the legal work they needed.

Some who were apprehensive about working online would walk through the process with my staff and realize that it wasn’t as hard as they thought it was going to be.

Seeing the success of running my legal practice online, I decided I didn’t have to wait until I retired to move, and instead, embraced the opportunity to continue my practice in Arizona while living in Tennessee. I moved to the eastern part of the state in 2021 to enjoy the four seasons and the beauty of the Smoky Mountains, but I will not be practicing law in Tennessee. I remain dedicated to my practice and my past and future clients in Arizona.

I still have a physical office in Phoenix and the office is open and staffed to help clients if they need to come in.

In addition to keeping my Phoenix office open, with operating hours of 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays, I conduct business with my clients virtually or telephonically. The transition to virtual work has gone smoothly over the last two years. I often email or mail material to clients before the virtual meeting so that everyone can be looking at the same documents during the discussion. With the use of technology, many clients can also complete some of the paperwork online, making the process even more streamlined and efficient.

My team is available for clients to sign documents or for those who would prefer to drop off or pick up physical documents. My team is also available to help coordinate virtual meetings between clients should the client have the request.

My practice has always been about providing personalized attention to each client with the goal of making each feel at ease and comfortable with the legal process behind the work they need to accomplish. That’s not going to change. That is still the number one priority.

The combination of a physical office and virtual work is the best of both worlds.

I will always consider Arizona home and still travel back there every few month. My family still lives there. My practice, which is my livelihood, is still there. I have developed long relationships with many of my clients. When it comes to my work and my clients, I am not going anywhere.