Planning for the Unthinkable

Planning for the Unthinkable 

How to prepare for when a loved one passes away

No one can truly know what a new day may bring. How can you plan for something you aren’t sure will happen? Have you ever thought about what your family would do if you suddenly passed away or if someone in your family did? It’s not a thought any of us wants to think about, however, it is an unavoidable reality that is best to be prepared for. Having a legal plan in place can provide some peace in a traumatic time.

Starting the Conversation 

Our families and friends are the most important people in our lives. It is important to have the tough conversations with them today about what to do when the unthinkable happens to them or you. Talk about your wishes and any plans you have set in place with your lawyer. Make sure they understand but also listen to their thoughts on everything. This can include funeral arrangements, financial documents or any action you will want fulfilled. Opening up the conversation now will ease the stress of an already emotional event.

Making a Plan 

Constructing a legal plan is a necessity, but oftentimes put off for the distant future. It is more important to do this today and feel at peace about it then letting it sit in your subconscious with worry and fear. When I work with my clients on estate plans we have honest conversations about their desires in case of death.

“I strive to make the administration of all the fine details as quick and efficient as possible.”

So, if a loved one passes away and you aren’t sure how to handle the fine details, give me a call. I will help to put the pieces together and raise the important questions to help guide you through the process. The personal touch on a very personal matter, is something I pride myself in. Are you ready to get these significant documents in place? Contact me today and make the unthinkable a little less stressful for the ones you love.

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