Retirement Checklist

Prepare for Your Future with our Retirement Checklist

Are you getting ready to retire? First of all, congratulations! You have worked very hard to get to this point in your life and you should spend your retirement years relaxed, traveling and diving into your hobbies. The last thing you want to do is worry about setting up your finances and getting your estate plans together. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist to help you get all of the legwork done before you retire so you can relax and enjoy your hard earned retirement.

Get Your Finances in Order

This sounds like a no-brainer right? But there is so much to consider in preparing for 25-30 years of your retirement. Take the last few years you are still working and hire a financial planner. Work with them to plan out your cost of living, healthcare costs, travel expenses, etc. for the next several years. This way you are prepared and are able to live comfortably and as stress free as possible. Which is how it should be when you are retired!


Retirement isn’t just about relaxing but it’s also about staying healthy! What do you like to do? Maybe it’s golfing, walking or taking a class at the local gym. Either way, get out there and do these things a few times a week. This keeps you busy, social and healthy. Also, it can be fun! Especially taking local classes. Take a look at your local gym or rec center and see what peaks your interest and get moving!

“Planning for happenings that can affect your savings and your loved ones is what smart retirement planning looks like.”

Review Your Insurance Coverage

This is a big one. Your insurance will change once it is no longer through your employer. Explore what that will look like and cost for you. Plan for the unexpected when looking for coverage. If you don’t have life insurance, start looking into the right plans now. If you do, review your current policy and make sure you are happy with everything your coverage offers. Planning for happenings that can affect your savings and your loved ones is what smart retirement planning looks like.

Review or Arrange Estate Plans

Don’t have an estate plan? Now is the time to get one! Do you already have one? As life is changing all around you, don’t forget to review it with an attorney. This is so important. These next several years should be spent enjoying your time with your loved ones with less distractions. You don’t want to spend that time worrying about if your affairs are in order. Or if something were to happen, will the burden fall on your loved ones. When you work with my team here at Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, you are working with professionals who make estate planning easy for you! Let us know what your plans are and we’ll make sure you are covered. Spend your years before retirement getting these things in order. Your family will be grateful and you will be happy you did!

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