Don’t Forget These Steps When Starting A New Business

Calling all entrepreneurs! 

Don’t forget these crucial steps when starting a new business.

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and typically don’t mind the challenge! It’s in their blood, right? If you are an entrepreneur and are getting ready to start a new business, there are a few things you will want to check off your list to get started. Let us help you get your business underway correctly by walking you through a few crucial steps to take before starting your new business venture.

Know Your Competition 

Now is the time to size up your competition. What are they doing well? What can they improve on? How do they market themselves? What do you offer that they don’t and how can you get your customers to see it’s importance? This is a great first step in getting started. While you are forming the idea for your business and an overall business plan, know what others in your field are doing.

Own It 

No, seriously own your name! This should be done before doing any business under your new venture. Check with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Secretary of State first to see if the name/tradename is available. If it is, register it! Then, purchase a website domain name with your new business’s name before anyone else does. This is a very important step and should be done the moment you solidify the name and idea for the business. 

Protect Yourself 

Don’t start a new business without the appropriate legal documents that will protect your business. Depending on the type of business you are starting, there will be very specific legal documents you will need to consider. How do you know which ones are needed and where you should you even begin? That’s where I come in! I work with all types of businesses and get to know what it is they do. Then, I work with you to get the state required paperwork completed, draw up the necessary contracts and agreements to get your business off of the ground and protected.

Money, That’s What I Want 

Money, isn’t that why any business exists? You need to get paid. How will you get paid? What will your salary look like and where will you bank? Ask yourself these questions and start setting them up to get things in order when your business is up and running. Find a bank that you trust and that makes it convenient for you to get the day-to-day finances in order. Look for a bank that offers businesses like yours any sort of benefit. If mobile banking is important to you, make sure the bank you go with has mobile banking that is easy to use!

These steps are just a few of the basics but they are important and sometimes not thought of until the business is well under way. You will have a lot of obstacles to jump through when starting a business so make life easier and do all the leg work in the beginning. Call me today and we will talk about the unique needs of your business. Documented legal protection offers your business a peace of mind and that is something I love bringing to businesses!

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