Remembering What’s Important With Estate Planning

Family & Estate Planning

The holidays are here, which officially ushers in one of the busiest times of the year! You are probably rushing around buying presents for your family and friends and getting ready to attend countless holiday parties. There are so many exciting occurrences that happen from now until the end of the year. One of the best, and most important, is spending time with family. Visiting family around this time of year is a great reminder of how quickly life changes and how important having an estate plan in place can be.

Like many people, your family is probably scattered all over the country. Think of all of the family you will be seeing that you may have included in your estate plan. What has changed in the lives of those family members? Maybe your nephew just got engaged or you have become a grandparent for the third time. Perhaps this is the first holiday spent without someone you love because they recently passed. Watching your family grow and develop is an important reminder of how quickly life changes.

You already know that estate plans are important because life is unpredictable and changes quickly. Understandably, you love your family and want to leave your most treasured items behind so they are reminded of the love you have for them.

“But did you know it is also important to review your current estate plan if you already have one?”

A lot of people forget to do this! When life changes, so do the terms and specificities of your current estate plan. It is so important to revisit what is currently in the legal document to see if anything needs to be updated. The new fiance in the family, that third grandchild that was born this year and relatives that may have passed are all life changes that encourage updates to your estate plan. Ensure that your family members will be unburdened and protected, should anything happen to you!

When reviewing your current estate plan, work with a knowledgeable attorney you can trust, like Nicole Pavlik Law Firm. We help provide comprehensive estate planning that protects you and your loved ones from the unexpected. Happy Holidays from us to you! Enjoy spending time and celebrating with those you love!

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