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We are a modern law firm that offers services virtually via video or phone.  You only need to come to our Phoenix office to sign documents.


Estate planning is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones.  Most people don’t think about estate planning until they’ve experienced what happens when someone dies without a will.

Seeing families fight over belongings instead of comforting each other in a time of grief doesn't have to be the trigger that motivates you to schedule an Estate Planning Session.

Working through grief is hard enough for your loved ones, don't make it harder by not having things organized and put in order.


When you suffer a loss in your family, it is an emotional and overwhelming process to navigate through what needs to be done. Even if your loved one had a Will in place.

The executor of the Will has to follow up with creditors, file paperwork with the court, and round up assets, all while grieving and continuing to live and provide for loved ones.

You don’t have to go through this alone, and you don’t have to research and guess if you’re handling your loved one’s estate properly.


Your business is your livelihood. It’s what pays the bills and puts food on the table. And even if you’re not running your business full time, you need to protect yourself.

Having the correct business documents in place—contracts, tax paperwork, agreements—helps to ensure that your business runs smoothly. It also reduces the risk of liability.

I work with business owners to ensure you have the documents you need to protect your business—now and in the future.

Welcome to Nicole Pavlik Law
A Virtually Based Arizona Law Firm

We are a modern law firm that offers services virtually via video or by phone. You only need to come to our Phoenix office to sign documents.

In Nicole's 10+ years of practicing law, she's witnessed that each individual, couple, family, or business situation is unique, which is why we provide a custom-tailored plan that will achieve each of your objectives and address your every concern.

Nicole strongly believes that our clients should never feel like a number, a transaction, or a project. You will always be kept in the loop and fully informed of your options. As your attorney, Nicole will always listen and ensure your goals, needs, and concerns are understood and addressed.

Nicole also believes that an attorney should always be responsive and efficient. She returns phone calls and emails promptly, and always meets deadlines and commitments.

At the end of the day, our goal is to exceed your expectations, help you meet your objectives, and give you peace of mind that all your affairs are in order.


Whether it’s estate planning, business planning, or probate, I will help you sort through the legal issues that can have an effect on your future.

We meet with our clients virtually via video or by phone. The only time you'll need to come to our Phoenix office is to sign documents.

I value personal, affordable, and comprehensive service, and I spend as much time as necessary with every one of my clients, making sure they clearly understand each document and that those documents fully reflect their wishes.

I’m also upfront about the pricing for my services so planning for your future can be affordable.



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
My wife, Marilyn, and I recently signed our Estate Planning documents with Nicole's team in November. The process couldn't have been easier. We were able to complete nearly all of the documentation online and only needed to visit Nicole's office for the final document signing.
We highly recommend her for your Estate Planning needs.
- Tom and Marilyn Krauskopf
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Nicole prepared a comprehensive estate/trust plan for me. Easy, thorough, understandable, and of great value.
Particularly helpful were her website and video instructions/explanations of each step and document.
Highly recommend Nicole for your estate planning needs!
- bmac99
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We are new to the Phoenix area and have been researching Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney to update our estate documents. After researching over 40 Phoenix Estate Planning Attorneys Nicole Pavlik's firm came out on top.

Our choice turned out great as Nicole and her team did a great job updating our estate plan and keeping every promise made. We would highly recommend Nicole Pavlik's firm for any of your estate planning needs.
- Sheri
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I recently had Nicole Pavlik update my six estate planning documents. She impressed me as a knowledgeable attorney with a sincere wish to truly assist her clients. I was struck by her calm demeanor and exacting questions during my detailed interview. Perhaps most importantly, I found her to be a trustworthy and dependable person to handle my personal and financial information.
Thanks, Nicole for providing me peace of mind with your guidance.
-James Nagaoka


Same-Sex Marriage and Estate Planning

March 23, 2023

After the legalization of same-sex marriage nationally and in Arizona, many same-sex married couples have learned that it is critical for all married couples, including same-sex couples, to have a comprehensive estate plan. An estate plan can provide for your spouse when you pass and while you are living, give your spouse (if you so…

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What is a Living Will in Phoenix?

March 12, 2023

A living will is a critical tool to include in your comprehensive Phoenix estate plan. Sometimes called an Advance Directive, it is a legal document that states your healthcare preferences for end-of-life care. It is a completely separate document from your last will and testament and living trust. What Issues Should You Address in a…

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What Does an Estate Plan Cost?

January 22, 2023

The price of creating an estate plan in Phoenix varies dramatically depending on the attorney that you use. For instance, the Nicole Pavlik Law Firm provides top-rated services at fair, upfront pricing, so planning for your future can be affordable. Typically, her services are handled on a flat fee basis. Below is an outline of…

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Adding a Trust to Your Estate Plan

January 18, 2023

Trusts are valuable estate planning tools that many people should consider adding to their Phoenix estate plans. There are many different types of trusts that may offer unique benefits to you and your family. In the Phoenix area, if you are interested in adding a trust to your estate plan, contact Nicole Pavlik, an experienced…

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Should I Provide For My Stepchildren As Well As My Biological Children?

December 23, 2022

Whether or not to include stepchildren in your Phoenix estate plan is a very personal decision. There is no legal obligation to include stepchildren in Arizona, so the choice is entirely your own and should be given a thoughtful consideration. Sometimes couples in second marriages agree that each parent should leave an inheritance to their…

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Charitable Giving in My Estate Plan

December 16, 2022

For many individuals, charitable giving is a large part of their lives. Continuing this tradition after your death by including charitable giving in your estate plan is a wonderful way to help cherished organizations. Done properly, charitable giving can also result in substantial tax benefits. There are many different ways that you can include charitable…

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Planning for Incapacity is Part of Estate Planning

December 9, 2022

Many people do not realize that estate planning includes more than planning for the distribution of your property after your death. A significant part of estate planning deals with planning for incapacity. This means planning for your healthcare as well as financial decisions if you become incapacitated. An individual is considered incapacitated when they cannot…

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Second Marriages and Estate Planning

November 28, 2022

It is critical to update your estate plan every time you experience a significant life event, such as getting married. Individuals getting remarried face unique estate planning challenges. If you do not plan carefully, you could neglect certain family members or cause family discord. An experienced Phoenix estate planning attorney can ensure that you have…

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How Do I Select a Beneficiary?

November 23, 2022

Selecting your beneficiaries is one of the biggest decisions you make when creating an estate plan. Below is some information that will help you decide who to pick as your beneficiaries in Phoenix, Arizona. What is a Beneficiary? A beneficiary is a person or entity you legally designate to inherit assets from you. Beneficiaries are…

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What If I Die Without a Will?

November 17, 2022

What is Intestate Succession? When a person dies without a will in Arizona, it is called dying intestate. Arizona has intestate succession laws that dictate who administers your estate and how it is distributed if you die without a will. Because you did not create a will, the state decides how the property is distributed.…

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