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Estate Planning

Start here if:

  • You want to protect your kids’ interests if something should happen to you.
  • You have a family member who you need to exclude from your estate.
  • You’re older and want to make sure your affairs are in order.
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Business Planning

Start here if:

  • You need to protect your business livelihood now and in the future.
  • You want correct business contracts, tax paperwork, and agreements in place.
  • You want to reduce the risk of liability if something were to go wrong.
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Start here if:

  • You want assistance in executing a loved one’s will.
  • You want to know that your loved one’s estate is handled properly.
  • You want the legal aspects of your loved one’s passing taken off your hands.
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Whether it’s estate planning, business planning, or probate, I will help you sort through the legal issues that can affect your future. I value personal, affordable, and comprehensive service, and I spend as much time as necessary with every one of my clients, making sure they clearly understand each document and that those documents fully reflect their wishes. I’m also upfront about the pricing for my services so planning for your future can be affordable. And I offer a 15% discount to educators.

Lastly, because my firm is located in Phoenix and I currently live in Maryville, TN, you and I will meet virtually, and you will meet my team in person when it’s time to sign your documents.

In short, I’m not your typical attorney!

My firm is founded on 4 principles:

1. Personal Attention

Clients should never feel like a number, a transaction, or a project. Each individual and family situation is unique, which is why I will give you a custom-tailored plan that will achieve each objective and address every concern.

2. Clear Communication

You will always be kept in the loop and fully informed of your options. As your attorney, I will always listen and ensure your goals, needs, and concerns are understood and addressed.

3. Timely Assistance

An attorney should always be responsive and efficient. I return phone calls and emails promptly, and I always meet deadlines and commitments.

4. Excellent Results

At the end of the day, my goal is to exceed your expectations, help you meet your objectives, and give you peace of mind that all your affairs are in order.


  • Estate Planning

    Whatever the reason for starting to plan your end-of-life documents, estate planning is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. It’s about getting things organized and put in order so when you pass away, your family can comfort one another instead of fight over your money and belongings.

    Most people don’t think about estate planning until they’ve experienced what happens when someone dies without a will. But when they see what a challenge it is for families to move forward and work through their grief without the proper documents in place, they stop putting it off and come in for an appointment.

    And while you may not see the return on your investment, you’ll rest easy knowing that your family will.

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  • Business Planning

    Your business is your livelihood. It’s what pays the bills and puts food on the table. And even if you’re not running your business full time, you need to protect yourself. Having the correct business documents in place—contracts, tax paperwork, agreements—helps to ensure that your business runs smoothly. It also reduces the risk of liability if something were to go wrong.

    In addition to estate planning, I also work with business owners to ensure you have the documents you need to protect your business—now and in the future. It’s not as simple as printing out LLC paperwork from the internet and filing it with the State.

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  • Probate

    When you suffer a loss in your family, it is an emotional and overwhelming process to try and navigate through what needs to be done. Even if your loved one had a Will in place.

    The executor of the Will has to follow up with creditors, file paperwork with the court and round up assets, all while grieving and continuing to live and provide for loved ones.

    You don’t have to go through this alone, and you don’t have to research and guess if you’re handling your loved one’s estate properly. I’m here to help.

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Let’s discuss your estate planning, business planning, or probate needs.